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Faraos Cigarer - Dwarfs



Dwarf Runelord
Dwarf Runelord Mere info Mere Info

Revered by their holds, the Runelords are the greatest of all the Runesmiths. As custodians of ancient lore they are naturally suspicious and jealously guard the secrets and rituals of their hammercraft. On the battle field Runelords dampen and...
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130 00 dkk
Dwarfs: Belegar Ironhammer
Dwarfs: Belegar Ironhammer Mere info Mere Info

Stood defiant on his Oathstone, claimed from the shattered remains of his ancestors' tombs, Belegar welcomes battle with open arms and grim determination. The leader of the Angrund Clan and true king of the Eight Peaks, his life is dedicated to...
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130 00 dkk
Dwarfs: Dragon Slayer
Dwarfs: Dragon Slayer Mere info Mere Info

Dragon Slayers are dedicated to the hardest and most destructive life of battle. Having unfortunately survived for so long against breathtaking odds, Dragon Slayers must seek out the most deadly, ferocious monstrosities to fulfil their oath and...
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130 00 dkk
Grimm Burloksson
Grimm Burloksson Mere info Mere Info

Rebellious, resourceful and eccentric.
The youngest Dwarf to be named a Master Engineer, Grimm Burloksson favours a trial and error approach to engineering akin to that of his father - Burlok Damminson.
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130 00 dkk


Dwarf Warriors Regiment
Dwarf Warriors Regiment Mere info Mere Info

Dwarfs are set in their ways and extremely determined. This combination of physical and mental durability makes Dwarfs steadfast fighters. This boxed set contains 16 figures which can be assembled as either Warriors or Longbeards. • Denne kasse indeholder 16 plastic figurer.
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225 00 dkk


Dwarf Gyrobomber/Gyrocopter
Dwarf Gyrobomber/Gyrocopter Mere info Mere Info

The sleek, heavily armoured Gyrobomber is the next evolutionary step in Dwarf aerial technology. Kept afloat by two rotor arrays and a dirigible balloon, the Gyrobomber is part Gyrocopter and part airship. Equipped with a formidable payload of...
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280 00 dkk
Dwarfs Hammerers/ Longbeards
Dwarfs Hammerers/ Longbeards Mere info Mere Info

Hammerers are forged in battle and selected for their bold and courageous nature. Renowned for their elite fighting skills and steadfast loyalty, Hammerers are the preferred bodyguards for many Thanes and Lords.
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300 00 dkk
Dwarfs: Ironbreakers
Dwarfs: Ironbreakers Mere info Mere Info

In a labyrinth of tunnels the Ironbreakers stand guard. The protectors of all that is sacred, the Ironbreakers battle tirelessly to prevent the desecration of their homes. Clad in gromril and armed with axe and shield, they stand bold. They are...
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300 00 dkk


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