Venom By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection
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Venom By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection

An alien symbiote who grants his human host deadly superpowers, the empathic Venom is attracted and attaches itself to people experiencing intense, base emotions like rage, jealousy and hatred. Separated from Eddie Brock, Spider-Man's arch-nemesis has resurfaced near the Arctic Circle - hopping from host to host with the greatest of ease and on the run from enigmatic forces with their own agenda for the elusive alien. Ravenously hungry and craving adrenaline to satiate his appetite, Venom cuts a bloody swath toward civilization. In the northern regions of Canada, he sets his sights on a short, hairy guy with a bad temper: the X-Men's Wolverine! And as the action moves to New York City, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four are forced to play damage control as TWO bloodthirsty Venom creatures cause havoc! Enter Eddie Brock!

Collects VENOM #1-18
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Daniel Way
Francisco Herrera
Paco Medina
Sean Galloway
Skottie Young
Sam Kieth

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Venom Spotlight Graphic Novels
Oversigt over alle udgivelser i samme serie. Bemærkelsesværdige serier, forfattere og tegnere. Grafiske romaner, med fokus på 12 prominente kunstnere.
Venom Spotlight Graphic Novels
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Hulk: Gray
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Før verden kendte til Bruce Banners hemmelighed - at Bruce var Hulk… - Før Bruce havde erkendt sin kærlighed til Betty Ross.… - Før Hulk var grøn.… - Der var Hulk grå… -.
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Spider-Man: Vengeance Of Venom
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Venom: Dark Origin
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On the unlikely day when an embittered, washed-up journalist met a spurned symbiotic organism from an alien planet, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies was born - a force of evil and vengeance like no other in the Marvel Universe - Venom! But is it...
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Hulk: Planet Hulk
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