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The Thing - Marvel Comics Bookend 25 cm
The Thing - Marvel Comics Bookend 25 cm Mere info Mere Info

• It´s Clobberin´ Time! Straight out of the pages of The Fantastic Four, it´s The Thing! Standing roughly 25 cm tall and ready for action, The Thing bookend can be paired with any other Marvel bookend for a unique display or to support your...
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1595 00 dkk
Wolverine Marvel Bust - 18 cm
Wolverine Marvel Bust - 18 cm Mere info Mere Info

• The unique sound of Wolverine's Adamantium claws unsheathing sends chills through villains everywhere. One of the most popular characters of the Marvel Universe for almost forty years now, Wolverine has come a long way since his first appearance...
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895 00 dkk


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